The five best things I tried this week

Things that made me go 'mmm'

by Adrienne Wyper


'Pop back for a free fringe trim', several hairdressers have said to me as they've finished cutting my hair. And I've nodded in the mirror, but I've never done it. Until this week. And it's a great idea. Let's face it, the rest of your hair can usually grow a bit longer without dramatically affecting the overall look. But when your fringe starts flicking away, getting in your eyes, curling up in an unruly fashion, that's when you start to think about getting the scissors yourself... Bad idea. So this week I recognised the too-long fringe signs and did something about it. In just 15 minutes away from my desk, the look of my hair was completely freshened. So if you get offered a free fringe trim, do take it!


I was a little worried that these were the fresh green beans encased in chocolate, but no, they are the crisp roasted version of the soya bean, and cost £1.95 for a 70g box, from Itsu, and have around half the calories and a third of the fat content of chocolate-covered peanuts.


When you read this I'll (probably) be somewhere on the Norfolk Coast Path. East Anglia is a great area for walking, although don't be thinking it's flat. I learnt the hard way that it's not: on a cycling holiday some years ago...


No, not walking boots; I have a pair of those. These are flat, pointed slingbacks (wish there was a snappier name) and I love them. They're a real spring shoe trend, not least because you can wear them with bare feet and skirts or ankle-grazers, but also with tights if the weather doesn't live up to our expectations. Mine are a cheap and cheerful £25 from Marks & Spencer.


at The Salon at the London College of Beauty Therapy in Great Marlborough Street, London W1 a manicure (including cuticle removal, shaping, hand massage... the full works) starts at £12. It's carried out by a student at the college, and is very professional. Around the corner at a well-known beauty salon, it costs almost double that. So it's well worth checking whether there's a beauty college near you, and whether they offer treatments to members of the public.

What have you tried this week?

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