Spice it up New Orleans style at the Jam Tree

A New Orleans pop-up restaurant in Chelsea, London

by Carla Griscti

Who says that you have to travel half way across the world to sample some of the delicious delicacies of Creole and Cajun cooking? Well, a trip to sample these tasty dishes first hand wouldn’t go amiss, but when the pennies can’t stretch far enough, try something a little closer to closer to home, with a slice of New Orleans cuisine in the heart of Chelsea.

We were lucky enough to catch one of the last evenings of the Jam Tree’s pop-up restaurant, ‘Jambalaya’. With a wonderful selection of wholesome, spiced Southern food, all inspired by New Orleans cuisine, we couldn’t wait to dive in and sample the menu.

The Jam Tree itself is a chic and laid-back, modern style pub, with comfy Chesterfields and armchairs ready for relaxed lounging, and a huge garden area that makes the ideal spot for any sun worshipers. Inside the pub there are various tables spread out across the dining and bar area, with subtle, funky jazz playing in the background as the perfect summer soundtrack to enjoy with Southern-style cocktails.

With every part of the bar and dining area completely packed, the atmosphere is buzzing. Every table is filled with excited diners waiting to try out the sizzling Southern fare. After ordering a smooth, full-bodied Malbec, we wait to order our first course. As I peruse the mouth-watering menu, I can’t help but be drawn to Momma’s Southern Fried, fiery, breaded chicken wings as my first foodie treat. Generous portions of succulent chicken lightly fried in a crisp breaded batter that’s to-die-for, accompanied by a creamy Creole slaw and a hot piquant Southern-style sauce. I always over indulge in hot, spicy food, so the whole menu for me was always going to be a winner.

My second course is the Jambalaya signature dish. How could I resist feasting on Louisiana’s vibrant, spicy version of Spanish paella? This hearty rice dish is made with sizzling chorizo and sausage, sweet red peppers, moist chicken breast and thick chunks of salted crawfish, infused with smoky and tangy Creole spices. A warming and substantial dish, but a definite recommendation if you ever find yourself dining in the deep South.

Rumour has it that the Jam Tree will be rustling up a few more exotic culinary creations, with another Jamaican –themed pop-up to take place from 6-18 August. Get ready to transport your tastebuds to sunnier climates with Caribbean rum cocktails, Reggae music and a wealth of Jamaican classic dishes including Jerk chicken, Jamaican patties and Ackee salt fish. Keep an eye on the Jam Tree website for more information.

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