Horse meat in burgers?

Can we trust food labelling?

by Adrienne Wyper

Sometimes I'm so glad I'm vegetarian... Horse meat has been found in burgers that were supposed to be made of beef. The supermarkets are blaming the manufacturers, and the manufacturers are blaming their suppliers. Eating horses is not part of British food culture but that's not the main issue to me. Put simply, the ingredients on the packet should be what's in in that packet. It doesn't matter that there's no health risk in eating horse meat, if that's not what you thought you were eating. You bought beef burgers imagining that the main meat content came from cows, not horses.

Some people don't have an issue with eating horse; it's on sale in supermarkets just across the Channel, after all, but it's not on British menus. And we don't eat lots of other creatures that other countries happily tuck in to, such as guinea pigs and insects.

But the really worrying part of all this is what else are we eating that we don't know about? Some food manufacturers appear to be willing to do anything to cut costs. Do you feel you can trust what it says on the label?

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