The five best things I ate this week

Things that made me go 'mmm'

by Adrienne Wyper

In no order whatsoever...
Or Cidre de Jèrri, as the label says. The label also says: 'Ingredients: apples', which I like. The apple juice is fermented using natural yeasts and nothing else is added. Unusually for cider, it tastes of apples: sweet, fruity and very refreshing. It's made by La Robeline Cider Company in St Ouen, jersey. And while I was there, I also sampled Liberation Ale: crisp, light and refreshing with a hint of citrus.
Some as small as peas! I rubbed off their papery skins, boiled and enjoyed their waxy texture and subtle flavour with...
Yes, English asparagus season is upon us. For me, as with strawberries, asparagus has to be in season and therefore home-grown (by home, I mean in the UK, not hand-grown by me, although my strawberries are, naturally, stunningly delicious when the birds are kind enough to leave me some.) I had two bunches to myself for consecutive dinners: first with the above Jersey Royals and some butter, and second with some fresh filled pasta. Note to self: buy more asparagus for weekend consumption. The season is short so you need to pack it in.

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It's a seaweed, and one of the places it grows is Jersey. Top marks to those who've spotted the Jersey theme! Unfortunately, I haven't been there (yet!) but I did go to an event showcasing the island's best. Top forager Kazz, who had a display of edible wild plants, told me it tasted of truffles. I love truffles but I'm not a seaweed fan but I couldn't resist asking if I could try it. After an initial fishy tang of the sea, yes: truffles! Amazing! Apparently it's a sought-after ingredient for top chefs and I can taste why.
I'm a big fan of Belgian fruit beer, but this one comes from the UK: All Saints Brewery in Stamford. It's organic and it's sold in Sam Smith's pubs. It has that apricotty prickle on the tongue and slipped down a treat on the warm evening that was yesterday in London. It's expensive, mind: over £5 a bottle - but after one sip I pronounced it worth it!

The five best things I ate last time
What have you enjoyed eating or drinking this week?

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