The five best things I ate this week

Things that made me go 'mmm'

by Adrienne Wyper

In no order whatsoever:

A pint of anonymous cider: I drank this in my local, where the landlord has had it maturing in the cellar for over a year. It has no official name for some obscure reason, but comes from a Kent cidermaker. As well as the dry, sharp appley taste, it had a nutty ripe, savouriness that I personally refer to as 'horse manure'! Some olives also have this taste: I reckon it's in the same part of the palate as 'umami', the earthy taste you get from strong cheese, truffles and the like. Delicious.

Asparagus on the barbecue: the simplest of cooking, at the weekend on the rack over our firepit. Coals. Spears. Yum. Find more healthy British summer delights here

Strawberries: Another seasonal special. While I wait for my own (allotment and garden) strawberries to ripen, I enjoyed juicy, sweet specimens grown by someone else.

Anything al fresco: barbecues in the back garden, picnics in the park, a coffee outside a café... it all tastes better in the sunshine. And even better with old friends. I've had two lunches this week with friends I've known for over 20 years.

Galaxy Caramel: Creamy Galaxy chocolate with a runny caramel centre, which was sent in to the office. My grandma used to love Galaxy, so it's a taste that takes me back.

The five best things I ate last week

What have you enjoyed eating or drinking this week?

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