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If you're ready to make a fresh start after a season of indulgence, then you might be interested to learn how Hollywood stars approach that concept.

Hollywood's top stars are already planning their return to the red carpet after a break in their schedule, and it's time to get serious.

After a party season that will have left many stars without their sparkle, saying no to any more naughty foods and fizz is vital for fitting into haute couture gowns.

But if the A-list want to be fab not drab, they need a little boost in the right direction.

Lots of Hollywood stars are aware of the benefits of detoxing, de-stressing and boosting their beauty with a range of diets and supplements, before stepping out in front of the cameras.

Green juices, lemon water, liquid chlorophyll and magical South American herbs are just some of the approaches they take. Here we take a closer look at the stars devoted to detox - and their methods...

Find out more about the health benefits of green juices, on page 2

Find out how lemons are little miracle-workers, on page 3

Find out more about a macrobiotic diet, on page 4

Find out more about reducing your carb intake, on page 5

Learn about other detox devotees, on page 6

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