5 things that have changed our lives

What are the things that have most revolutionised women's lives?

by Bernadette Fallon

What are the things that have most revolutionised women’s lives in the past 100 years? Well, since you ask –

The contraceptive pill

The bra

Electric washing machine


Pregnancy tests

Pregnancy tests? I thought this was an odd one until I realised the survey was carried out by Clearblue – provider of pregnancy and ovulation tests. 5,000 women in the UK and Europe were quizzed for the survey, and the Pill was way ahead of everything else on the list, with a whopping great 65% claiming it to be the most revolutionary addition to their lives.The bottom 5 were, in case you’re interested –

Disposable nappies



Fresh prepared meals

Contact lenses

What will be on the list in coming years? The internet, Kindle, iPhone?

Take part in the All About You poll on our home page - what do you think has revolutionised life the most for women in the last 100 years?

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