It's lasagne time again!

Take your pick from these mouthwatering lasagne recipes, and make them all with my miracle no-lumps white sauce.

by Carol Muskoron

I was watching Valentine Warner on telly this weekend and he was cooking up a gorgeous veggie lasagne and had some top flavour-enhancing tips. He grated some parmesan and put it on the bottom of the dish before the first layer of lasagne, and he poured a carton of single cream over the top along with more parmesan. I think I'll try his tricks with this spinach and gorgonzola lasagne recipe, but I'll be making it with my miracle no-lumps white sauce, of course. Here it is again, for those who missed it when I last blogged about my white sauce recipe...

Melt 80g butter and sprinkle on 50g plain flour, mix and cook on a low heat for a couple of minutes. The quantities are important here because usually people use far too much flour. Heat about 1 litre of milk and, with a whisk at the ready, and when the milk is hot but not boiling, throw it in the saucepan and whisk well, continuing to do so for a few minutes while the sauce thickens. Whisking in hot milk makes it pretty much impossible for the pesky lumps to form and the result is a really professional white sauce that is so so smooth! I always add Dijon mustard and garlic. 


Try my easy white sauce in fish pie recipes, cauliflower gratin and lasagnes.


PS Antonio Carluccio has a wonderful mini lasagnes recipe - he makes his with mushrooms and garlic. I might try it, but I will follow my own white sauce recipe in step 2!


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