What's the right diet for you? Take the quiz

If you dabble with diets but find it a struggle keeping the weight off, take our quiz to find the right diet plan for you - and keep those pesky pounds from piling back on again!

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1. How do you feel about food?
Food is important. I enjoy sharing it with family and friends
I often eat when I'm bored or stressed rather than hungry
Cooking and eating with the family makes losing weight difficult
I'm organised, I plan meals and always shop ahead
It's important to be able to eat what I enjoy - I hate feeling deprived
2. What helps you lose weight?
Looking and feeling healthy is the most important thing for me
It makes me feel better when I know other people are in the same boat
I've tried so many times - I can't see any way to make it work for me
Eating less and exercising more doesn't work - I need rules to follow
Complicated systems that involve weighing food and counting calories are too much trouble
3. Which is your diet personality?
A diet has to slot into my home and work life, not the other way around
I find it difficult to face new challenges on my own - I need other people on board
I get discouraged and give up when I don't see rapid results
As long as I have something that works and don't have to think about it, I'm happy
I hate the idea of joining a group to talk about losing weight
4. What stops you keeping it off?
Counting calories doesn't fit in with the way I live
As soon as I have a blowout and gain a few pounds I give up
I never lose enough to give me the impetus to carry on
I'm not sure - I go back to normal eating and all of a sudden the weight is back
I don't want to feel as though I'm always on a diet and can't eat what I like

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