The five best things I ate this week

Things that made me go 'mmm'

by Adrienne Wyper

In no order whatsoever...


Taking the exquisite floral-themed afternoon tea with my mum, I opted to start with a cocktail. Two in the afternoon is a little early but afternoon tea is such a decadent eating occasion I thought, what the hell? I've never seen a prettier drink arrive at my table. Glowing peachily in a shard of afternoon sunlight, it was decorated with a rose petal and a lavender sprig, so that when you raised the glass for a sip, you got the scent of lavender before the taste of it. The menu says it contains Bombay Sapphire gin, home-made chamomile and lavender syrup, bergamot cordial, elderflower liqueur and drops of lavender bitters. I could taste each individual ingredient, including the camomile and as the best cocktails do, it tasted as though it contained no alcohol... Look out for our suggestions for where to take afternoon tea in London. coming soon...


I had a sudden fancy for a taste of Spain: in particular, a good, dry sherry accompanied with roasted, salted almonds. Happily, Sainsbury's hit the spot with the sherry: a 12-year-old Oloroso boasting toffee, raisin and nut flavours. Dry, rich and deep, it was perfect with a little dish of salty almonds.


This is a recipe I saw over 20 years ago on a TV programme with Sophie Grigson, who was picking up recipes from unlikely sources. I call it that because this one was from a prison, from one of the prisoners who worked in the kitchen. She said it would be enjoyed even by celery-haters - that includes me and she was right. To make it: slice a head of celery thinly. Fry in oil until it's soft and a little browned and frizzly on the edges. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, a dessertspoonful of sugar and a dessertspoonful of red wine vinegar. Stir in about 20 chopped black olives and heat together for about 15 mins. Just before serving, stir in a big handful of chopped parsley. Serve as a side dish or on its own with brown rice.


Sliding down the sophistication scale, but I think we need to eat what we want (within reason). I haven't had evap for decades but it was a normal-enough dessert when I was a child. So after dinner on Sunday I enjoyed tinned pears and evap - as delicious as I remembered. And then for breakfast on Monday I had the same, plus some oats. A breakfast I'd recommend.


Weary of white potatoes? Try Purple Majesty, launched three years ago. They look like ordinary potatoes - except they're purple. They cook like ordinary potatoes - except they're purple. They taste like ordinary potatoes - except they're purple. So what's the difference? They're packed with antioxidant anthocyanins (the same plant chemicals that give red cabbage, beetroot and raspberries their colour), which are known for their anti-cancer and heart disease properties. And they're certainly a talking point at the dinner table! Find them in Sainsburys, Asda, Booths and Morrisons for around £2 for 1.25kg.

The five best things I ate last time

What have you enjoyed eating or drinking this week?

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