Standing ovation at 'From Here to Eternity' preview

Journalists can be a jaded lot but sometimes we cry and laugh and clap just like everyone else!

by Carol Muskoron

I have been to previews of films and plays where the audience is awash with journalists crying, and then the reviews come out warning everyone about a soppy production that's not worth your while. So if you see bad reviews of the new London musical 'From Here to Eternity' turn a blind eye. At the end of the London preview of this fabulous new musical, there was thunderous applause, the vast majority of the audience was on its feet and there were tissues being dabbed at dewy eyes. I think 'From Here to Eternity' will be a hit whatever the reviews say. The reason: it is hot!


Yes, this is one sexy show. It tackles the sex industry in Hawaii, the gay scene and you get to see a bare bum! This is recommended for those aged thirteen or over. I think it is a brave, explicit production that has gone beyond the offering of the film to reach a new, demanding adult audience. And its bravery pays off.


With lyrics by Tim Rice, 'From Here to Eternity' is set in Pearl Harbour in 1941 among American GIs on an army base. The story is about a Sergeant (played beautifully by Darius Campbell of 'Pop Idol' fame) who falls for his commanding officer's wife, Karen; at the same time one of his privates falls for a professional 'escort' girl. I found the relationship between the Sergeant and Karen just fabulous. Of course none of the characters know it, but war is approaching, and the personal struggles of the characters are about to be superseded by circumstances way beyond their control.


The 1953 film of 'From Here to Eternity' starred Burt Lancaster, Frank sinatra, Deborah Kerr and Doona Reed - and it won eight Academy Awards. I don't recall a bare bum in it but it was highly charged. The novel 'From Here to Eternity' (upon which the film was based) is described as dark and dramatic. Penguin Modern Classics has just released a new uncensored version of it which is, apparently, explicit - it is next on my reading list. I'll pop back here and let you know what I think once I've read it.


But to get back to the musical - I think the songs are strong, the modern take on the plot is great and the end is startlingly powerful. It isn't easy to bring the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour to the London stage but this production does it brilliantly. I left the theatre with a very uneasy feeling - I felt sombre and yet exhilarated. A good night out? Oh yes. See it.


Book tickets for From Here to Eternity The Musical.


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