What? No Oompa Loompas?

Five fascinating things I learnt from a day trip to the Cadbury's factory

by Alice Jones

I went to the Cadbury's factory in Bournville this week on a tour set up for journalists and it's incredible. It smells like you've fallen into a bowl of melted chocolate! I had to wear an extremely unflattering outfit, consisting of a hair net, a blue overcoat and, to complete the look, a pair of what I can only describe as Charlie Chaplin shoes. Sadly I didn’t see any Ooompa Loompas on my visit but I have never been more tempted to dunk my finger in melted chocolate! Our tour guide had worked there since leaving school in the 60s and had never left! This part of the factory is not open to the public (sorry), so from deep within those walls I bring you five delicious chocolatey facts. Here we go...

1) 'Chocolate Inventor' is an actual job title? It's the kind of thing I dreamt of doing when I was younger but never imagined it was a possibility.

2) The pure recipe for Cadbury's Milk Chocolate is only known by 5 people. It was written on a piece of card by the Cadbury brothers and is now locked away in the Archives in Bournville.

3) A Cadbury Flake can never fully melt. This is due to it never reaching the final stage of chocolate when it's being made. It's one of the most popular chocolate bars in hotter climates.

4) The Cadbury logo is based on George A Cadbury's signature.

5) When the factory first moved to Bournville, the Cadbury brothers had a mini village built where all the workers were housed in cottages. They were also given access to a swimming baths and a gym.  A bit like the Olympic Village I guess!

Cadbury's has just launched a few new bars including Mini Bubbly, Golden Biscuit Crunch and Toffee Popcorn...I'd also definitely recommend trying the Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly - Willy Wonka would be proud of it!

Got you in the mood for chocolate? See our chocolate recipes here, including chocolate and raspberry torte

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