Dreamy duvets: buying tips

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‘Buy the best you can afford,’ says Jane Robson, creative director of The Fine Cotton Company. ‘Bedding should be seen as an investment and can make all the difference between a good or bad night’s sleep.’

● Trade up to a duvet with a down filling – it’s the lightest, fluffiest option and the best insulator. Down is often mixed with more robust feather; choose a product with at least 80 per cent down.

● Try a wool- or silk-filled duvet for a hypoallergenic option that’s resistant to dust mites. ‘Wool wicks moisture away from the body, for a sound night’s sleep,’ says Dick Beijen, founder of Devon Duvets.

● The top hollowfibre synthetics are readily washable, and often have anti-allergenic coatings. Look out for microfibre, which is similar in feel and weight to feather and down fillings. ‘A boxed wall construction ensures the duvet is never stitched through from front to back, so there are no cold spots,’ says Jane.

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