DIY home hair colour system: Simply Natural Colour

by Carla Griscti
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Slapping on slathers of hair dye at home is a precarious business. It’s messy, it’s time-consuming and it’s a fiddle to get right. Plus there’s the added worry that pungent odours from peroxide and ammonia will permeate the house.  

What’s the solution? Well without wanting to state the obvious – a salon session is - generally - a fail-safe way to ensure full-coverage and avoid pesky stains from ruining the bathroom. But if a few errant grey hairs creep through in-between dye sessions, it can become an expensive business. Plus, over-using chemical-based products can cause damage to the hair leaving it dull and lifeless.

As a home hair dye convert, I was intrigued to try out Simply Natural Colour’s hair dye system. Free from peroxide, ammonia & ethanolamine, it’s gentle and kind to the hair and scalp, designed to provide natural-based, long-lasting coverage to over-processed hair.

The revolutionary hydro-oxygen technology uses a unique zero peroxide and zero ammonia process that gently oxygenates the colour pigment when mixed with warm water. Slowly, it is absorbed through the cuticle and locks the colour into the hair, without emitting any unpleasant fumes.

To give me an introduction to the brand, I visited Soho-based hair dressers, Jigami. Directors Scot Carey and Bradley Evans developed the natural colourant technology as a solution to over-powering, chemical-based dyes that cause damage to the hair.

The water-based natural consistency of the product really means there are no unpleasant stenches – a pet hate of mine when visiting hair salons – plus there are no signs of discomfort to my scalp. Two big thumbs up but would the final result live up to expectations? Truthfully – yes. I habitually dye my hair a deep, rich black hue. Admittedly I was worried Simply Natural Colour just wouldn’t give the vibrant, dramatic finish I was after, but I was pleasantly surprised. The shade is deeply seductive with a gorgeous luminous sheen. My hair feels nourished, bouncy and full of goodness.

But the real test for me was to try the product at home. Although you can book a salon colour session at Jigami, I wanted to test out the effectiveness to see if I could get salon-worthy results from the comfort of my own home.

Drum roll please… another thumbs up! The kit comes complete with a handy hair applicator brush, so applying the hair dye is very straightforward. The back of the head (as expected) is a little tricky so if you can recruit a helper here, I would very much recommend it! Alternatively, if you have a mirror that you can put into position, you can ensure the back of the hair is suitably covered.

You need to leave the dye a little longer than usual home hair dyes, but from previous experience, after about 20 minutes or so, my usual home dye starts to irritate my scalp. Even though the Simply Natural Colour mixture is left on for around one hour, there are no signs of irritation. It washes out easily, with just a little resonant dye bleeding out from my hair and there is no staining on the towel. The only downside is there is no hair mixing bowl provided in the kit, so make sure that you invest in one when you buy the product, otherwise you’ll find yourself desperately rummaging through the kitchen cupboards!

Customers can order their own colour kit, including a clarifying shampoo for £9.95 from the website. There are 10 shades to choose from. The website contains direction on how to select the correct hair shade.

For further details or to make an appointment at a Simply Natural Colour hair salon visit the Jigami website.

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