Make a Scandinavian horse paper Christmas garland

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This pretty paper-cut garland is based on the little wooden painted dala horses of Sweden. On a white-and-silver themed Christmas tree, they will add some real Scandinavian charm. To complete the effect, make one to hang along the mantelshelf and add plenty of foliage for a natural look.

You will need

• Tracing paper
• Pencil
• Small scissors and/or craft knife
• Several pieces of paper, sized 14cm x 30cm
• Glue

How to make this

Click the 'print' button at the top of the page to print out this project, complete with templates. Click here to see the template, on page 2.

Copy on to tracing paper and cut out the shape.

Take one piece of paper and fold in half.

Place the cut-out tracing of the horse on one side, with the nose aligned with the fold of the paper.

Use a pencil to lightly transfer the design onto the paper.

Cut out the horse shape, carefully cutting through both sections of the paper. Remember not to cut the fold where the nose touches.

Keeping the two horses together, lightly fold in half, where directed on the original template (perforated lines) and cut out the patterns.

Repeat on the other directed areas on the original template, legs and mane.

Make sure your folds are light, as you don’t want the creases to show too much at the end.

Open out the pair of horses.

Repeat to make as many pairs as you need for the length of garland you want, sticking them together with glue at the tail.

This project is taken from 'Christmas Crafting in No Time', by Clare Youngs (Cico Books, £14.99).

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