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Eating Welsh is the perfect way to celebrate Wales' national day, St David's Day (March 1st). St David was a monk, known for his frugal life - he is said to have consumed bread, herbs, water and nothing else. But in honour of his homeland, we feel you should experience true Welsh cuisine. The recipes here give you a round-up of traditional Welsh favourites, some with modern twist. Enjoy, or as the Welsh say, 'Mwynhewch!'

Scrummy Cawl - a hearty traditional stew made with Welsh lamb 

Spring rolls with Welsh cockles - go Oriental with a Welsh ingredient

Welsh cakes - the perfect teatime treat? Very likely...

Bara Brith - a traditional Welsh fruit cake that's hard to beat

Laverbread and lemon balls - a great accompaniment to any meat meal and is great as a stuffing too

Welsh rarebit crumpets - made with breadcrumbs and mustard

Think leeks - our brilliant leek recipes show you how to make the best of this fabulous Welsh produce.

Think lamb - lamb recipes with a difference. For more info on Welsh lamb visit www.eatwelshlamb.com

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Sweet potato and chicken curry

Asparagus ravioli with herb sauce

Pancetta-wrapped scallop skewers

Beef sirloin with onions and sweet potatoes

Mild chicken curry

Braised halibut with chickpeas and chorizo

Green beans with walnuts in mustard dressing

Artichoke and potato gratin

Orange and amaretto tarts

Chocolate and ginger melting puddings


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