Cook in-season: January foods and recipes

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We're generally thinking about healthy foods in January - we want lots of light fresh veg and fish, and lots of warming recipes too. We've rounded up the UK's best seasonal foods in January, so just click on the food names below to find fabulous recipes for the cheapest and best ingredients of the moment...

Apples, including Bramley, Braeburn, Discovery, Cox, Gala and Egremont Russet.
There are so many wonderful ways of cooking this fabulous root veg; think salads, soups and more.
Brussel sprouts
Not just for Christmas, sprouts add bite to main courses.
Don't just boil cabbage! It's oh-so versatile.
Cake, soup, roulade and more carrot recipes
Cauliflower is perfect in bakes, as a classic cauliflower cheese and even roasted.
Throw celeriac in our chicken stew or make the fabulous celeriac and porcini mushroom soup.
Celery makes a great base for so many stews and soups
Use chard to add a wonderful green colour to pasta dishes, frittatas and more.
Jerusalem artichoke
Delicious roasted, this earthy root veg is well worth getting to know.
Leeks Perfect as a bed for roasted fish, leek is great in gratins and of course, in soups: leek and potato soup is a classic recipe.
Not just for salads, lettuce is a wonderful October ingredient that adds a freshness to so many dishes
Had mussels and frites and France and fancy making them yourself? It's easy!

Available all year round, onions are a light and wonderfully resourceful veg that add heaps of flavour to your food. Our shallot flatbread for example, is a must!
A real delicacy, oysters are loved by as many people as they are hated by! They offer a unique tasting experience which is well worth experiencing.
Pak Choi
This green leaf veg is more fibrous than spinach and is perfect in stir fries Parsnips
Easy and quick to cook, young partridge is so tender.
Pears are a total pleasure in winter - and you can make some fabulous Christmas desserts with them.
Roasted pheasant is said by many to be far more flavoursome than chicken. Check our recipes to find how to cook it perfectly.
Wonderful winter warmers, potatoes are incredible versatile as our baked potato, spinach and feta pie more than proves!
Purple sprouting broccoli

This fibrous broccoli is a pleasure to cook as it holds its shape well - it is also sweeter than green broccoli.
Red cabbage
Perfect in coleslaw, red cabbage is wonderful braised with apples, oranges and winter spices.
Savoy cabbage
More fibrous and textured than other cabbages, savoy cabbage is a versatile winter leaf veg.
Swede is hearty, tasty vegetable that is well worth including in soups and stews.
A wonderful root vegetable with a sweet and slightly peppery taste.
Wild duck
Take advantage of the duck season to cook with the most succulent duck of the year.
Wild red and fallow deer are available in the UK in October and make for wonderfully warming dishes!

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