Lunch menu for Easter Sunday

Prima magazine's Easter menu

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Nibbles: Radish with sea salt

Starter: Baked ricotta and olive loaf

Main course: Roast leg of lamb with oregano, lemon and roast tomatoes

Vegetarian alternative: Spring onion, mushroom and basil parcels

Side dishes: Roasted baby onions with rosemary and white wine; Carrots with honey and lemon; Pea, courgette and spring herb medley

Dessert: Meringues with mixed berries and lemon liqueur

500g tub ricotta
75g/3oz Parmesan
6 free-range eggs
200g carton crème frâiche or double whipped cream
2 knobs of butter
Bunch radish
Large handful each of fresh thyme sprigs, fresh oregano, rosemary and chives
Bunch each of fresh mint, flat-leaf parsley, basil and wild rocket
3 lemons
8 large tomatoes
2 strings of shallots
900g/2lb baby carrots
4 courgettes1½ bunches spring onions
½ x 250g pack chestnut mushrooms 
500g bag frozen mixed berries
½ x 900g bag frozen peas
3kg/6½lb leg lamb
Sea salt
200g jar black pitted olives
Olive oil and extra-virgin olive oil
Glass dry white wine
2tsp honey
3tbsp white wine vinegar
1tsp Dijon mustard
Pinch Demerara sugar
350g ready-rolled puff pastry
225g/8oz caster sugar
Few drops limoncello (optional)
Few drops pink food colouring

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