Halloween food: party recipes and ready-made buys

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Take your pick from our spooky Halloween recipes, including spider cupcakes, scary cake pops, the best Halloween blogger recipes and magazine recipes too. Just click on the recipe names for your printable instructions. And scroll down to see the best Halloween food buy, including roasted scorpions!! 


Bloody Mary soup: flavoured with vinegar, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and vodka, this tomato soup has got a real kick. 

Shallot flatbread: the caramelised shallots on this flatbread impart a wonderful sweetness. 

Roast sweet potato soup: this soup is the colour of Halloween, thanks to sweet potato. 


Slimey cheese pasta snails!: these 'snails' are made by filling pasta shells with a cheesy filling - ingenious! 

Bonfire pumpkin cheese bake: this hearty side dish is just the thing to warm your cockles on All Hallows' Eve. 

Pumpkin mash and sausages: this four-ingredient recipe is easy to whip up for supper on the 31st. 

Pumpkin ricotta ravioli: a refined main course for your Halloween feast. 

Lamb and pumpkin curry: pumpkin's meaty texture means it can take a lot of spice.

Pumpkin risotto: sage and Parmesan make this dish sing with Italian flavour.

Chilli con carne: classic comfort food is given a twist with a chunk of chocolate. 

Side dishes

Spinach and pomegranate salad: pomegranate seeds add a sweet tartness to this leafy salad. 

Salty baked potatoes with yoghurt: all this dish needs is a side serving of grilled sausages. 


Spider web cake: this chocolate cake is made even more sinful with a giant spider decoration. 

Halloween cake pops: make mini monster heads and eyeballs to give yourself a fright this Halloween.

Gingerbread: this loaf is full of warming spice.

A meringue spider web!: serve with a spider made out of chocolate for a fittingly frightening centrepiece.

Tropical fruit salad with chilli: melon tossed with fresh chillies will make a fiery end to your fright night feast.

Halloween cupcake recipes: from zombie hands to witches' hats, take a look at our gruesome cupcake recipes.

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