Gold-leaf collagen facial at the Thai Square Spa

by Carla Griscti
Gold-leaf collagen facial at the Thai Square Spa - spa treatments London - beauty -

Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, Thai Square Spa is a peaceful, luxurious retreat tucked away from the hustle and bustle of London life.  An ideal spot to escape the crowds, Thai Square is an oasis of calm that offers relaxing, soothing spa treatments in a blissful Thai-themed sanctuary.

The spa itself is shrouded in exotic, lavish embellishments. Towering Buddahs lead the way through ambiently lit walkways of exposed brickwork, hanging copper lanterns and vibrant lotus flowers. A hidden haven offering an instant escape from the stress of busy streets, where you can drift away with idyllic visions of blue skies and sandy beaches.

As I walk through the wafting, aromatic scents of jasmine and lotus flowers, serenaded by the calming chimes of gentle music, my mind is blissfully transported away from the throngs of tourists and crazed commuters to an exotic hub of complete serenity.

After a brief bathrobe relaxation session where I sup on jasmine tea, and sink further and further into the wonderfully cushioned reclining chairs, I almost forget that I’m booked in for a facial treatment. Easy to lose all sense of time and space in this cosy hideaway!

The Maharani Gold-Leaf Facial

I’m led through the twisting softly-lit corridors, peeking into the masses of treatment rooms, all of which offer a range of wonderfully relaxing massages, facials and traditional ritual therapies that work to cleanse and restore the body’s natural balance. Today I opt for the skin-nourishing, intensely hydrating Maharani Gold-Leaf Facial. My skin is really feeling the effects of the harsh winter weather, so it’s screaming out for a boost of nourishment.

What is it?

The facial itself uses a luxuriously decadent collagen-infused gold leaf face mask that boosts the skin with collagen, making the skin much firmer and wonderfully moisturised. The treatment begins with a soft foot cleanse in a deliciously scented foot bath. As my feet are gently rubbed with a hot flannel, I’m instantly relaxed. I’m then guided to the treatment bed where I prepare for 90 minutes of pure pampering bliss.

What’s involved?

My friendly therapist preps my skin for the face mask with a gentle yet thorough facial cleanse, softly massaging the skin with Thai Square’s own organic jasmine-infused exfoliators, oils and lotions. My skin already feels like it’s been pumped full of goodness.

As I float away enveloped in the soothing scents of jasmine petals, my therapist preps my skin for the gold collagen treatment using a warm Thai herbal compress. She then carefully places a rather chilly face mask made from 24 karat mineral gold and pure collagen over my face. It’s a little shock to the senses after the warming compress, but you soon adjust to the tingling sensation after a few minutes. As I patiently lie there waiting for my skin to soak up the goodness, my therapist delicately massages my arms and neck, gently working upwards to finish with a soothing scalp massage.

What’s the verdict?

Drifting off into a peaceful slumber, my 90 minutes sadly comes to an end. I could quite easily have indulged in another sublime 90-minute session. My gold leaf layer is carefully removed and my therapist ends the treatment with a soothing layer of jasmine-infused moistursing cream. My skin feels instantly revitalised and sumptuously smooth. I look in the mirror and - even without any make-up - my complexion is radiant with a subtle yet wonderful glow.

What’s the cost?

Golden Maharani Facial Treatment, 1.5 hours at £125, Thai Square Spa Covent Garden. For a full list of treatments visiti

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