How to shape your eyebrows

woman shaping her eyebrows

A well-groomed brow can make a huge difference to your face as it will focus attention on your eyes and open up your face to reveal a fresh new look.


How to shape
You can tweeze, wax or 'thread' your brows (a Middle Eastern technique where hairs are removed through a loop of thread, best left to the professionals!) but whatever you choose, follow your own natural brow line.

Home shaping guidelines

Brows should be even with the inside corner of your eye or parallel to the edge of each nostril

By holding a pencil diagonally from the nostril to the outside edge of the eye you can see where the brows should end

Position the arch so it is parallel to the outside edge of the eye's iris

Top tips

1. Always pluck in daylight, facing a window or a lighted mirror. A magnified mirror may result in over-plucking.

2. Leave alone for a few weeks if you've over-plucked. Brow hair can be slow growing back so be patient!

3. Use pencil or powder to emphasise brows - skim lightly with feathery strokes for a natural look and use a firm, angled brush for powder.

4. If you spot grey hairs don't pluck out but head to the beauty salon for eyebrow tinting. Use your hair and skin colour as a guide - go one shade darker for fair skin/blonde hair and one shade lighter for dark hair.

5. To lengthen brows, use a brow pencil and then go over with powder and brush.


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