Best beauty buy: smoothing serum for frizzy hair

by Bernadette Fallon
Beauty buy: smoothing serum for frizzy hair - hair products - fashion & beauty -

On a recent trip to Andew Jose’s London salon, I got to try out the Swiss Grape hair range, part of the SALON SCIENCE® brand.

It’s a bit of a Godsend for dry, frizzy hair and sent to deliver us from colour fade and heat damage. Face it, colour fade and heat damage will always be with us (particularly to somebody as ready with the straightening irons as myself!), but having products to reduce the damage is a must if you care about your hair. The range also protects against future heat damage, and includes a UV filter for sun protection.

The range includes shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and thermal crème but the real winner is the smoothing serum. Described as a ‘topcoat for hair’, it’s a polishing product that smoothes frizz (yes!), calms all those untidy fly-away hairs and gives hair a glossy, just-fresh-from-the-salon look.

Of course, that day I was just fresh from the salon – but I’ve been able to achieve similar glossy results at home. And, here’s the great thing. You don’t have to go to a salon to get them; all products are available at Boots nationwide.

Prices for the Swiss Grape range start from £13 for a shampoo, the REGLOSSE™ smoothing serum is £18; all available from Boots; for more information visit

SPECIAL OFFER: One third off all Salon Science products at Boots until January 20 2105

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