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by Carla Griscti
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Whether it’s a charming weekend break in Britain or an exotic overseas spa, the overwhelming temptation to throw on a fluffy bathrobe and indulge in a succession of heavenly massages, is always high on my agenda when it comes to holiday planning.

Admittedly, laid-back spa lounging day after day might become a little repetitive, so if you really want to recharge your batteries, look for somewhere that can incorporate relaxation, health and wellness with a spot of culture, to make the most of your time away.

Town-hopping in Germany might not immediately spring to mind, but with a plethora of natural hot mineral springs, holistic therapies and scenic, rolling countryside, Germany as a rejuvenating health retreat should absolutely not be overlooked. From barefoot walking in Bad Sobernheim to relaxing Roman baths in Wiesbaden, a tour of Germany will leave you feeling revitalised, positive and full of energy.

Wellness in Bad Sobernheim

Picture a quaint spa town hidden away in the German countryside amid lush greenery, towering church steeples and vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. Bad Sobernheim is a vision of beauty and unspoiled nature, rich in history and the arts as well as having a strong connection to holistic healing therapies. Famed for its healing earth treatments, Bad Sobernheim is enriched with natural healing soils that are used to provide holistic, curative therapies.

Discovered by Emanuel Felke, the tradition of healing mud baths has been used since the late 19th century, offering restorative and rejuvenating treatments for a number of ailments. Felke’s therapy concept is to combine the four Felke elements - light, air, water and clay - with ample exercise and a healthy diet. It's the perfect combo for health-conscious holiday makers who want to escape hectic routines and give the body a revitalising boost.

Felke treatments are focussed on utilising the natural surroundings, in the form of loam packs, clay mud baths and Rasul baths. These work to detox, purify and restore the body. By submerging yourself into a heated, natural clay bath, the nutrients of the clay work to energise and exfoliate the skin, as well as providing a calming, soothing effect on tired, aching muscles. It’s been proven to be particularly successful in alleviating arthritic and rheumatic pain and swelling.

Where can I find these treatments?

The Menschels Vital Resort, located in the heart of the Nahe region, offers a plethora of wellness packages, incorporating the traditional Felke clay treatments with fitness regimes, Felke fasting, exercise classes, walking tours and relaxing spa massages. Picturesque vineyards form the backdrop to the resort’s breathtaking, idyllic surroundings, with beautifully landscaped, serene gardens to relax in and a natural outdoor swimming pool to make the most of in the summer months.

Fasting treatments range in price, but the cost for a 10-day Heilfasten Basic fasting program starts from €1.445. For more information on prices and treatment options email

What else is there to do?

A renowned tourist hotspot and one that remains popular with locals is the Bad Sobernheim historical barefoot walking trail. It’s been used for centuries to encourage exercise, outdoor pursuits and to connect people with nature. Squelching through soft mud in bare feet was not my ideal sense of fun, but it was pleasant to soak up some fresh air and marvel at the picturesque scenery. Plus the soft clay did wonders for smoothing my feet.

If an outdoor pedicure doesn’t quite float your boat, there are plenty more relaxing ways to spend an afternoon. Less than 30 minutes away from the Menschels resort (by car) is the Stone Sculpture Museum, which nestles within the vineyards of the Nahe Valley. It’s a beautiful and tranquil place to visit with innovative artwork, and surrounding scenic views of luscious countryside.

If you’re visiting the Nahe Valley, a swift visit to the local winery simply must make the agenda. Boasting spectacular rural views and an exquisite selection of crisp, fruity Riesling, an excursion to the Gut Hermannsberg vineyard is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Where to eat

Menschels Vital Resort offers healthy, locally sourced vegetarian food or the Felke fasting dining option as part of the fasting package.

For a slightly more ambient and formal setting the Hermannshöhle restaurant is just a short drive away from the Menschels resort, offering a delicious choice of regional food, with ingredients sourced from the surrounding local area.

What's on offer in Wiesbaden

The rural setting of Bad Sobernheim offers complete relaxation and tranquility, but if you begin to yearn for the city’s bustling atmosphere, the vibrant Roman spa town of Wiesbaden is just an hour’s drive away.

Wiesbaden is renowned for the healing powers of its natural thermal water. Boasting 26 natural thermal springs, it’s easy to see what attracts so many tourists to this charming place. Wiesbaden’s crowning glory has to be the Kaiser Friedrich ancient Roman baths. With 1,500 square metres of natural saunas to relax and unwind in, a soothing spa session will leave you feeling sublimely relaxed from head to toe.

But what makes Wiesbaden really stand out is the lively atmosphere and beautiful architecture that fills the city. Picturesque and bustling, the streets are filled with trendy eateries and open-space green parks. It’s the perfect place to wander aimlessly soaking up the stunning views.  

There’s a casino for those wanting a complete break from languid spa sessions and a plethora of luxury hotels offering thermal spas and their own wellness facilities.

A gorgeous 1920s-style brasserie restaurant lies next to the casino, clad in wooden panels and walls adorned with theatre posters from old musicals and images of iconic American stars. Serving up an eclectic mix of French, European and American style food, Käfer's ambient setting is the perfect haunt for a sophisticated Saturday soirée.

Easily accessible a day trip is totally feasible, but there are plenty of places to stay. The Hotel Nassauer Hof is just a stone’s throw from Wiesbaden’s infamous casino. Luxurious and stylish, the rooms are spacious and elegantly decorated. There’s also a beautiful spa you can wander up to (donning the hotel's fabulous fluffy robes of course) with a stunning thermal pool that boasts panoramic views of the city’s skyline.

Find out more

Flights to Frankfurt are around £100 each way and available from The transfer from Frankfurt to Bad Sobernheim is approximately 47km. Taxis are available from the airport or can be booked in advance here Alternatively there is a train that takes around an hour. Tickets are available from

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